Monday, August 24, 2009

Roster reset

With DC United in the process of finalizing a loan for Tiyi Shipalane from the Harrisburg City Islanders, I was pretty darn confused as to the status of our roster, since we'll now have 27 players listed on our first team roster when the league maximum is 24. Sounds like a good time for a late season roster reset!

Senior (20):
1 Wicks, 2 John, 3 Habarugira, 4 James, 5 Burch, 6 Jakovic, 7 Janicki, 8 McTavish, 9 Namoff, 10 Szetela, 11 Fred, 12 Gomez, 13 Jacobson, 14 Olsen, 15 Pontius, 16 Quaranta, 17 Simms, 18 Emilio, 19 Khumalo, 20 Moreno.

Developmental (4):
1 Kocic, 2 Wallace, 3 DiRaimondo, 4 Allen

Brandon Barklage has been placed on season-ending injured reserve, which freed up a spot for Ely Allen on the developmental roster.

David Habarugira was brought in under MLS's "Short-Term Injury Replacements" program (Rule II.K) for Ange N'Silu on 8/14/09, making N'Silu ineligible for at least 6 league matches.

So with Shipalane on his way south on I-83, United is going to have to make a roster move. And what of Adam Smarte? The Liberian PDL striker who has been training with the team for over a week now? The popular opinion is of course to overreact to the most recent matches and call for the sacrifice of Greg Janicki, but I don't think I see United cutting him just because of one awful performance. The more likely move I think will be to move Boyzzz Khumalo over to that short-term disabled list also. After all, how many South African wingers can you have on the active roster at once?

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Fullback said...

Sure hope Shipalane took 15 and 270 rather than 83, or he's in Inner Harbor by now...

Curious to note that the FO says Smarte was playing defense (right back in a three or four) in the PDL. Wonder if we've seen the end of John, assuming Habarugira and Burch fight it out for left back?