Friday, January 4, 2008

Gonzalo Peralta

Apparently, DC United is close to a deal with Argentine defender Gonzalo Peralta.

Who is Gonzalo Peralta?

I have no idea.

A couple things I've learned… He's 27 years old. He's a starting central defender, and the captain, for Argentine Second Division club Almirante Brown. Brown is currently 4th in the table, and one of the best defensive teams in the league. They've only given up 16 goals in 19 games (league average is 22 goals).

It's easy to make comparisons do our most recent Argentinian central defender Facundo Erpen. Peralta doesn't appear to be as young or as accomplished as Erpen. But we need central defenders. And we've got the cap space and we've got the foreign player slots to make this move. So I'm all for it.

In fact… If Moreno and Gomez are not returning, we've got more than enough cap space. We should be able to get away with signing 3 or 4 Peraltas and still be fine.

Hopefully this signing will take place very soon. It will be nice to see United have one positive move finally this offseason. We're due.

The only way I can fall asleep at night anymore is, instead of counting sheep, I just keep repeating to myself: "I trust the front office. I trust the front office. I trust the front office.........."


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that. I don't trust the front office!!! But give me an Argentinian defender any day and I'm sold. I'm not ready for all this change! I still haven't gotten over Troy to Valerenga yet!

Shatz... said...

Agreed. Boswell asking for a trade didn't surprise me. Carroll getting selected by San Jose didn't surprise me. And Gomez and/or Moreno leaving won't surprise me. But Perkins leaving was a total shock!

I'm not sure this Peralta guy is something to get too excited about quite yet, but it's certainly a start.

Anonymous said...

True. Still, Gonzalo Peralta is a centre back and that is where DCU needs a strong player most right now. Just because he's an unknown doesn't mean he isn't any good. We'll just have to wait and see, I guess. The deal might not come through anyway. As we have all noticed, DCU is not the best at negotiations...