Saturday, January 23, 2010

DCUMD is now Black And Red United

This blog has come a long way since its creation on October 15, 2007. From those modest beginnings, to the single greatest moment of my blogging career: when Freddy Adu himself retweeted a link to the Freddy Award and we received over 1,500 new hits in one day.

This will be the last post ever in the DCUMD blog. But it's not an ending. It's a step forward towards something that will be much bigger.

Back in November, I was invited by ESPN and MLSnet writer Steve Davis (also of Daily Soccer Fix) to join the new soccer community at and create a new DC United blog. That new blog is called Black And Red United, and can be found at

Inspired by the team's nickname (The Black-and-Red), this name is one that will be sustainable as the club enters the new decade and embarks to return to its tradition of winning trophies. The DCUMD name will not disappear entirely. It will still be my name on Twitter, and I will surely continue to lobby with all of my minimal influence for United to add more former Terrapins to their roster. But Black And Red United will expand our ability to be a true community for all United fans.

The new SBN format offers a ton of new features - such as FanShots and FanPosts that allow any users to post their own opinions, links, pictures, and videos. You can also look back at all of your previous comments, or the comments of any other user, which makes it a lot easier to call someone out for flip flopping! Best of all though, the new blog also includes a co-author to add even more great United content: famed Soccer Insider commenter and DC United Next Coach Cup quarterfinalist Chest Rockwell! And all your favorite DCUMD features like the Benny Awards, River or Life, and the ADRs will all be moving over to the new blog.

Black And Red United is a part of a national blogging community that includes some of the best sports blogs in the country, including the excellent Hogs Haven and Japers' Rink. So please take a look at the new site, and please register and start commenting!

As for DCUMD though, it's only fitting for this blog to end on the words... peace out.


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Congratulations Shatz!

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