Monday, December 7, 2009

Announcement coming

Sorry I haven't been posting much on here lately, but that's only because I have big things in the works for the blog. I dropped a subtle hint on here last month to anticipate some changes in the near future, and I've been dropping much less subtle hints on my Twitter for a couple weeks now.

I can't make the announcement quite yet because there's still a few details to finalize, but there will be a pretty big change to the blog very soon, and it should be seen as a positive change for all of us because it will involve a new format that is much more interactive. As soon as the techie stuff is worked out, I'll be posting about my thoughts on the USMNT draw, my thoughts on the DCU coaching search, and then writing my list of resolutions for the team in 2010. In the mean time though, hang tight.


Jeremy said...

As long as the announcement does not include the blog shutting down, I am happy and excited for you.

I am still mourning the demise of DCenters, I couldn't take the loss of another blog...

Shatz... said...

Not to worry, the blog will be bigger and better than ever.

I mourn with you on that one. D inspired all of us.