Tuesday, October 27, 2009

2009 ADRs

Contrary to popular belief, I don't give player ratings each game just for fun. I also use these ratings to formulate the yearly Annual DCUMD Ratings, or ADRs. Each Top Shelf is worth 5 points, each Call is worth 3, and each Rail is worth 1.

Soehn C R C C R T T R T R C R R R T R R (2.41)

Crayton T R R T (3.00)
Cronin T T C (4.33)
Kocic T C C T C R C R T R (3.00)
Wicks R C C T C T T C R C R C R T R C R T (2.89)

Burch R C T C T R T R C C R T R R C (2.73)
Habarugira C R (2.00)
Jakovic C R C C C C T T R C R R T T (3.00)
James C C T R R C T R T C T (3.18)
Janicki T C R R C R R C R (2.11)
John C R R C T (2.60)
McTavish C R C T C T T (3.57)
Namoff T T T C C C C T T T R (3.91)
Vaughn T R R (2.33)

Allen C R R (1.67)
Barklage T T (5.00)
DiRaimondo C R C R (2.00)
Fred R T T R T T R R T C T C R T C C (3.25)
Gomez R R C T R T C T T T T T T T R C R R T T R (3.38)
Jacobson C R T R C R R R C C T T (2.67)
Olsen T C T T R C C T T R T (3.73)
Pontius T T C T C T C T R T R T T T C T T C T T T C T (4.13)
Quaranta T C T T C T R C T C T R T C (3.71)
Simms T R R R T T T C T T C T T T (3.86)
Szetela T C R C R (2.60)
Wallace C C C R C R T C R C T T C R C T T R (3.00)

Emilio R T T T R T R T R T C T R T C C T C T R C (3.38)
Khumalo T T R C R T T R (3.25)
Moreno R T T T R T T C C R T C T (3.62)
N'Silu T R R T (3.00)
Shipalane R C (2.00)

Anything interesting jump out at you?


DM said...

Great work. I really think this presents a fair illustration of each player's worth to the team this year.

A couple things jump out at me though:
- James has a higher average than Jakovic?
- Khumalo has a higher rating than Wallace?

Jakovic and Wallace have been undervalued here, I think. And Barklage is an outlier. It would be wise to interpret with caution those players with four or fewer ratings--Cronin, Vaughn, Habarugira, Shipalane, etc. I don't think we can have a fair impression of them yet.

Otherwise I find myself agreeing:
- Namoff and McTavish are well represented
- John takes it over Janicki
- Fred and Gomez are about on par with one another
- Olsen and Simms are on par with one another
- Quaranta and Pontius are well represented
- Moreno definitely takes it over Emilio, even if only by .24

Nice work. I really like this.

DCU Curmudgeon said...

Thanks for this. Very interesting and thought provoking. I wish we had larger sample sizes for some of the players, but you've gotta go with what you've got. (Wouldn't it be cool to have statistics available like they do in Europe?)

What jumps out to me is that Fred seems to have an pretty high final score (higher than Jakovic and the same as Boyzzz). Was he really worthy of "top shelf" so much? Curious. Could it be that 1 point for "Rail" inflates the scores of some people who play more than other players? I can't do math, but maybe there is some sort of way to normalize the scores.

DCU Curmudgeon

Shatz... said...

Thanks for the kind words. I'll expand more on this later. I also just added links for all the entries for each player, so you can check back to see if you agree/disagree in each player's rating for each match.

What I notice the most about Fred is that he has a lot of Tops and a lot of Rails, but not so many Calls. That says that he has lacked consistency, which I think we'd all agree with.