Wednesday, July 8, 2009

DC United win vs Harrisburg City Islanders, 2-1

It's pretty cool that for DC United to return to the Open Cup Final, their path to a second straight championship will consist of, in order, wins over a PDL club, then a USL-2 club, then a USL-1 club, then an MLS club.

I didn't go to the match, and I didn't even listen to it.  The below match ratings are given for the sake of my ADRs, and based only on match reports from Boehn and Tenorio, and Insider comments.  I'm open to revisions though, so if you attended the match, the floor is yours within the comments section to agree or disagree.

Top Shelf: Devon McTavish, Andrew Jacobson
Call: Boyzzz Khumalo, Fred
Rail: Avery John

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