Sunday, March 9, 2008

Senior roster appears set

At least it appears that way as far as I see. Goff told us this morning that David Blumer and Josh Gardner would not be offered contracts by the club. So if you look back at this post, you'd realize that there are only 18 players left who I've considered as being in competition for the 18 senior roster spots. And with Gardner and Blumer out of the picture, it looks like the final senior roster spot will probably go to Jamil Walker. This is again based on the assumption that Burch, McTavish, and Dyachenko will all remain on the senior roster like they were last year, and that Kpene will remain on the developmental roster like he was last year.

Thanks to some more excellent reporting by Goff, we also learned today the 18 man roster that will travel to Jamaica for the opening leg of United's debut in the Champions' Cup. Really not any surprises here, as I think we probably could have guessed this roster following the lineup used in the Renegade match. But one name does stick out to me, and that's Dan Stratford. This Suppie was named to the gameday roster ahead of the more experienced Justin Moose and Guy Kpene, and Stratford has maybe locked up the role of Clyde Simms' chief backup. Also kind of important to note here that Dyachenko remains ahead of Kpene and Walker on the depth chart.

Lastly, following a 1-1 tie with United earlier today, the Houston Dynamo added yet another trophy to their case: The Texas Pro-Soccer Championship! The team might have to move their two MLS Cup trophies into a closet to make room for this coveted award. Although DC finished with the same 2-0-1 record as Houston, the Dynamo were called champions just because they scored more goals than us on lowly TFC (although they gave up 3 goals to TFC also - so what does THAT say?).


Anonymous said...

Wow...Dynamo should be really proud of themselves there, scoring like that on TFC... *wipes away tear shed in light of my lovely sarcasm*

I'm glad to see Dan Stratford's doing well. We Gooners gotta stick together, you know. (That said, I won't care whom he supports as long as the guy plays well, you know what I mean?)

I'm not sure Kpene will stay on the Dev roster and Walker go on the Senior, but it does seem like it will work out that way. Personally, I think Kpene should move up, but we can't quite drop Walker down, now can we?

I was just looking down at your other posts...and I noticed a pattern...I comment on every single bloody one of them. Jeez. Do I have no life?

I am going to visit my own blog now. Ta-ta.

Shatz... said...

Speaking of your boy Kpene, looks like he missed two more shots here. Can you please go teach him to score? :)

By the way... What's with your blog being set to private? You better go fix that.

Anonymous said...

I'll teach him to score...if I can score two goals in my game, he should score more in his!...

Ah, about that. My apologies, but blogging without parental consent is all but illegal in my household. Forgive me.

Shatz... said...

Aw thats too bad. Especially after you just got your first mention on

Send me an email to I need to get you in the fantasy MLS league I'm starting

Anonymous said...

NO WAY!!!! I got a mention on!!!!!! Never saw THAT coming! Well I'll always know what great insight I *would* have had on this futbol blogging world (not)