Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Peace out, Bryan Arguez

If I had a choice of one player that would leave DC United in the offseason and I wouldn't be upset at all, it would be Jay Nolly. If I had a choice of two players that would leave DC United in the offseason and I wouldn't be upset at all, it would be Jay Nolly and Bryan Arguez.

Reports are that Arguez will be transferring away from MLS to Hertha Berlin of the Bundesliga, for a sum of around US$350,000, of which DC gets I think around $250K, with the rest going to the league.

The speculations is... What did Hertha see in Arguez that DC did not? Who knows, but whatever it is, I certainly didn't see it either. I only see Arguez play in one Reserve division match, but he didn't impress me at all. He played in central midfield, but had very little impact, and was overshadowed in my opinion by guys like Jeff Carroll and Rod Dyachenko. In fact, I think it says a lot that Arguez was not once named to the gameday roster for the first team. Even when starters like Olsen and Fred were out with minor injuries, it was other guys like Mediate, DeRoux, and Moose that would step in. Never Arguez.

But Bryan Arguez is imposing in size, listed as 6'-2". And he's only just turned 19 this week. So maybe Hertha sees in him the next Oguchi Onyewu.

$350K might not be a lot of money to Hertha, but it is to us. Let's just skip one step and save a little time by transferring that sum of money from Hertha directly into the checking account of one Senor Christian Gomez.

We wish Bryan Arguez the best of luck overseas. Maybe Hertha can help develop him into a contributing playing for the U20 team.

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Catherine-Lucia said...

"one Senor Christian Gomez."

couldn't agree more, man. Arguez, I'm sure, is a very nice guy, but he was useless. Now we've got some $$$...which is far from useless.

The only unanswered question here is, how is Hertha Berlin going to benefit from this? lol