Monday, January 7, 2008

More on Niell

That's our boy Franco Niell scoring the second goal in this clip. Nothing too impressive, more of a right-place-right-time-Rod sort of goal.

But this goal is much more to get excited about. The little man has got some hops! Even if his jersey barely fits him...

Niell's nickname is "El Enano", which literally translates to mean "the Dwarf". And here I was thinking DC United was scouting for talent in Argentina, not Middle-Earth. What, Gimli wasn't available?

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Catherine-Lucia said...

aw, come on. Middle Earth? That's just cruel, man. Argentines are short people. He can't help it. Besides this is football (soccer) not basketball. Short can be a good thing. Unless he'll marking some humanoid giant defender, there's really no big deal. Niell's height is really not an issue. Maradona's only 1" taller. Obviously Niell is nowhere near that good but you get the point.